Our Team

Annette - Patient Coordinator

Annette, aka “The General”, uses her masterful experience to keep the entire office running smoothly. Since 1982, she’s done nearly every job in dentistry, from starting out as a dental assistant while in high school (only a few years ago!) to a licensed hygienist to managing the busy front desk.

Annette’s expertise makes her a valuable part of the Peterson Dental team. Her knowledge shines when she’s going over complex treatment plans with patients. She breaks down information so that it’s easy to understand.

“I love people and I see my job as a mission field,” Annette said. “Most people don’t like the dentist so anything I can do to make them feel at ease, welcome and a part of the Peterson Dental family is what I enjoy doing most.”

Patients often receive calls from Annette reminding them to take their medication, asking how recent surgeries went and of course reminding them of upcoming appointments. Receiving one of her famous thank you or get well notes is always a special treat!

Outside work, Annette spends time with her husband, (married in 1982, the year she started her dental career) her two children and her three brothers, with whom she is very close. In her spare time she enjoys teaching a college and career Sunday school class, cycling, swimming and rooting for the Auburn Tigers.

Kristin - Registered Dental Hygienist

Kristin got her start in dentistry in 2005 at a young age. She started her dental career in high school after growing up around dentistry her whole life. In fact, both her mom and sister have successful careers in the dental field, so it was a natural fit!

Kristin’s heart for her work is one of the things that sets her apart. She truly loves taking patient’s smiles to the next level by using the latest tools and techniques to achieve the healthiest teeth possible.

“I take my work very seriously,” Kristin said, “but I also love that I work at a place where we can laugh together. I consider my work family part of my family. My patients are just a natural extension of that. I love helping people feel confident about their smile.”

It’s true that family is the most important thing to Kristin, so when you’re one of her patients you can expect to be treated with the same respect and love.

Outside work, Kristin is “living the farm life” with her husband and two children. Her family grows and changes often, as they open their arms to area foster children. In her spare time, (how does she have spare time?!) she loves riding horses, attending rodeos, enjoying the lake, watching the Auburn Tigers and doing anything her children love.

Jessica - Dental Assistant

Jessica goes by many names (ask her to tell you her full name) but everyone in the office knows it’s best to call her “Princess.” Her real claim to fame is that she has received the Most Valuable Employee Award every year since 2006—exactly how long she’s been in dentistry!

In all seriousness, Jessica is completely dedicated to taking care of each and every one of her patients from the moment they walk in the door. She will take time to learn about you, and make you as relaxed as possible throughout any dental procedure.

“My number one goal is to make patients feel comfortable while they are in my chair,” Jessica said. “I love making people laugh and enjoy their visit here!”

She is an expert at seeking out the latest dental materials and bringing them to each dental procedure she completes. She also brings the latest dance moves to the office and loves to show off her skills in the hallways in between procedures. She’s even been known to break out in song if you tell her it’s your birthday!

Outside work, Jessica spends time with her husband and son. In her spare time she enjoys relaxing, cheering for the Crimson Tide, thrift store shopping and brushing up on pop culture trivia by chain-watching You Tube videos.

Caitlyn - Registered Dental Hygienist

Caitlyn got her start in dentistry in 2010 and has rapidly learned nearly every position in the office from front desk to assisting and, of course, hygiene. She comes from a family of dental professionals, but originally pursued a career in physical therapy. She realized it wasn’t her passion, so she changed course and feels that she’s finally doing what she was always meant to do!

Caitlyn is an expert at phasing out treatment plans. She can take what seems like a lot of complicated dental work and break it into just a few appointments so that it’s convenient for her patients.

“I love educating and helping people with their dental care,” Caitlyn said. “I try to make friends with each one of my patients. All of us here are a close-knit family and I really love that.”

Caitlyn is always looking for ways to help others, including her co-workers, but her true passion in life is photography—namely, selfies!

Outside work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs. She also sees her family and sisters often since they are all very close. She enjoys crafting, painting and doing any project that she can find on Pinterest.

Nicole - Business Manager

Nicole is new to the dental field, it’s her second career, but she has been involved with building Peterson Dental from day one. She began learning about dentistry from her husband, Dr. Peterson, and his classmates at UAB School of Dentistry. The tight-knit group of friends would often go to dinner together and the conversation naturally turned to complex dental procedures!

It wasn’t long before she caught the dental bug. In her previous career, Nicole spent more than 10 years in the local television industry, as a show creator and writer behind-the-scenes. It was time well-loved and well-spent as she now heads up marketing and business efforts for Peterson Dental.

“I feel so blessed to have had two wonderful careers.” Nicole said. “There are lots of similarities between the two, but the best part about both TV and dentistry is the people. I work with the most amazing group who truly loves caring for patients and now I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

In the office, Nicole has made it her goal to learn as many insurance plans as possible. She helps patients navigate the complexities of their insurance and get the most bang for their buck.

Outside work, she spends time with her husband and their son, Harris. Originally from Birmingham, she enjoys seeing family and friends, working out and traveling, but most of all, she loves trying new things like learning to paint or visiting new local restaurants.

Melissa – Registered Dental Hygienist

Melissa has been in dentistry since 2006 but didn’t always know the medical field was her calling. She went to UAB and studied early childhood education (she absolutely adores children!) but decided a career helping people improve their health was a better fit. She went to UAB Dental Assisting School and loved it so much that soon after she started the hygiene program as well.

Melissa loves to tell stories because it helps patient’s feel like their appointment is a breeze. It’s all part of her strategy to teach people how to do a great job taking care of their teeth every day. If you pay attention, you can’t help but learn something that will make each dental visit better than the last.

“Meeting new people every day and helping them is really important to me,” said Melissa. “I enjoy seeing the transformation when they realize doing a few simple things can really make their dental visits easy!”

Family is incredibly important to Melissa. She’s very close with her identical twin sister and loves spending time with all of her nieces. She also enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and helps lead a youth group.

In 2016, Melissa and her husband will welcome their first child and she can’t wait. “I’m not sure if our dog, Abbie, is ready, though,” Melissa said. “She’s used to getting all of the attention!”

Kristen – Insurance Coordinator

Kristen got her start in dentistry in 2002 and has learned nearly every job in the dental field from orthodontic assistant to endodontic office assistant to her current gig as a detailed insurance coordinator. A shy person at heart, “Flossy” reluctantly participated in the gathering of information for this biography, so we interviewed her co-workers to fill in the rest.

Annette: She has a dry sense of humor that keeps us laughing. Flossy has it going on with those long, gorgeous lashes!

Caitlyn: She has really cool lingo. She says things like, “What’s up with your wig?” and “Aight dog!”

Re’Gina: I’m very envious of all of her stylish purses.

Kristin: She is sassy. (Caitlyn chimed in, “It takes one to know one!”) KrisTEN is quick witted and she seems to know everyone in town. She loves reality TV and wants to be part of the Kardashian family. She’s creative and sensitive and she’ll cry at the drop of a hat because she cares.

Jessica: She has a thing for Justin Bieber.

Melissa: Kristen is hilarious. Her daughter has more shoes than I do! In fact, she has some really cute boots that I want when she grows out of them.

Nicole: She loves to take on community projects. She cracks me up all the time. Kristen is so easy to work with and she knows insurance inside and out. You can tell she loves her family so much!

Dr. P: She makes me laugh. She is always so nice to everyone. She likes good music… the same as me! By the way, she has really nice teeth. Somehow she has fun and still manages to do an awesome job.

Outside work, Kristen loves spending time with her husband and daughter, crafting, decorating, watching Alabama football, shopping and traveling. She’s obsessed with having straight teeth and is always encouraging others to get braces because she enjoyed having them so much.

Re’Gina – Dental Assistant

Re’Gina is certainly an inspiration to any stay-at-home mom starting a new career. One of her children noticed how much she was always doing for others and encouraged her to do something for herself. After much thought, “Reggie” was inspired after driving by Peterson Dental. She immediately came inside and boldly asked what she needed to do to get her career started!

Re’Gina was a star student, literally winning the 5 Star Student Award at Fortis Institute. She became certified in infection control and radiology. She was voted a class representative and graduated with a 4.0 GPA. All the while her family cheered her on.

“My family is so proud of me,” Re’Gina said. “They look at me differently now. I’m not just their mom… I’m their inspiration! My daughter is now talking about pursing her passion to become a veterinarian one day. And I know she will.”

At work, patient comfort is always Re’Gina’s main concern. When you’re one of her patients, she’ll turn on the massaging dental chair and tuck you in with a warm blanket so that you’re comfortable.

At home, Reggie spends time with her biggest fans: her husband and three children. She enjoys yoga, running, boxing, 4-wheeling and jumping into puddles without galoshes. Her son plays football, so weekends involve a lot of cheering. You don’t have to listen closely to hear her yell, “Tear them up or down or whatever you are supposed to be doing!”